These are 10 simple and inexpensive ways to update your furniture. You can paint some of the pieces, add new fabric on a chair or couch, use wax paper to distress wood for an aged look without stripping anything down, etc.

These are ten simple and inexpensive ways that you can update your furniture by painting it yourself using different colors instead of buying expensive changes from retailers. For example, if there is damage in the upholstery around one leg then take out all eight screws so they don’t get damaged when you begin working with it but cover them over so no one will know what’s underneath once its finished unless someone looks really closely at each hole before covering them back up again after having painted this specific part black as opposed to shiny red.

Here are 10 ways you can update your furniture for free or inexpensively:


  1. Here are 10 ways you can update your furniture for free or inexpensively:

    1. Clean up all the clutter on your coffee table by throwing away old magazines and papers
    2. Replace any worn-out pillows with new ones in bright colors or patterns
    3. Use coasters for drinks instead of leaving rings on tables and desks
    4. Get rid of anything that is broken or doesn’t work, like lamps without shades or knobs missing from cabinets
    5. Paint the furniture a bright color to make it stand out from the room
    6. Add new pillows, throws, or blankets to create a cozy feel
    7. Update your curtains with a new style or pattern for an updated look
    8. Replace worn-out cushions on sofas and chairs with something more comfortable
    9. Remove any large pieces of furniture that are in the way of traffic flow within the room (such as dressers)
    10. Put together an entertainment center from pieces you already have around the house