About Us

We’re your go-to place for professional home staging services.


The mission of The House Thata-MBuilt Real Estate Company is to help property owners stage their homes for faster sales. We also help them get the best price possible in the market.


Our vision is to help property owners to improve the value of their homes and market prices. Ultimately, we strive to ensure that homeowners sell their properties faster and buyers get what they want in their ideal property.

Our Story

The House Thata-MBuilt is a real estate company. Founded over a decade ago, the realty company offers home staging and styling services in local markets. It also offers information you may need to help you stage your home or property despite your location on the globe.

Most property owners de-clutter, tidy up, and make modest repairs in their homes in preparation for a sale. However, what they actually require to make their property stand-out in the market is pro home staging. This is where we come in with our professional home staging and styling services.

We have a team of experienced property stylists who stage the properties of our customers with furniture in preparation for sale. We hire the items used for staging for a period of about two months or a month and two weeks.

Our team is highly trained and experienced in what we do to ensure that your needs are all met beyond your expectations. What’s more, each stylist love their job and do it with lots of passion as if it is their own house being staged.

Our property staging services are beneficial for many reasons. We style your property to ensure that you receive emotional buyers who instantly fall in love with your home. As a result, you’re able to sell your home quickly at a good price.

We also take good photography of your property for display to potential customers. It ensures potential buyers can have a glimpse of the actual space before traveling to view the property.

At The House Thata-MBuilt, our professional stylists highlight the best attributes of your property to show potential customers. This helps divert buyer focus from negative aspects of your home such as scratches on the floor or stains

Our main focus is to help you stage your property to get the best possible price and sell your home faster. Our property staging company has helped thousands of customers to achieve the same goal when selling their properties.

For instance, a property that was listed for $370,000 in the local market dropped to $350,000 after being on the market for about five months.

The House Thata-MBuilt team staged and styled the property for the value of about $2,625. It was then re-listed on the market for $375,000. After a couple of weeks, it sold off for its original asking price of $370,000. The return on investment was $17,375.

When staging your property, you don’t have to vacate it. We can stage it partially while you still occupy the home. However, if the property is already vacant, we stage all the main rooms, including the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, dining rooms, and the main area outdoors.

If your budgets allows, we can go ahead to stage and style the rest of the bedrooms and the space left outdoors. And, if you’re working on a tight budget, our professionals work hard to ensure that only the main areas are staged.

Alternatively, we offer a low-cost service at $199 aimed at providing styling advice and consultations on how to decorate your space and present it for open homes and photography.

At The House Thata-MBuilt, we recommend that you switch on all the lights and allow in as much natural light during open homes. Your property will feel fresher, more spacious and brighter. You can remove all family photos to de-personalize the space.

Our focus is to ensure that buyers feel like your home is theirs when they walk into your property. This can help your home sell faster.


The House Thata-MBuilt offers home staging and styling services. We prepare, package and present properties for sale in an appealing way to the widest possible base of possible buyers. We do this to ensure that your property sells for the highest price possible

Our stagers and stylists mainly work with what you already have in your property to reduce costs. Our main tasks usually involve:

  • Clearing clutter to depersonalize your space
  • Cleaning the house inside-out for a sparkling look
  • Re-arranging your furniture to optimize light and available space
  • Replacing the flooring, including carpets
  • Painting walls in a neutral color or hue
  • Making important repairs and remodeling the house inside and outdoors
  • Adding new furniture and accessories for a welcoming and warm touch

We help property owners make their home more inviting to attract potential buyers. Whereas interior design is aimed at making your home look “Wow”, home staging gives it the “Ahhh” factor.

Our professional stylists add value to your property and assist potential buyers visualize the complete value and potential of your home. This helps achieve faster sales at higher prices, inclusive of the styling service costs.

We create the right first impression of your property in the eyes of a potential buyer. Our professionals make properties memorable and stand out from the rest in the market. We also look into the buyer demographic in the target market to stage your property accordingly.

The company inspires potential buyers to visualize living in the space, hence creating an emotional attachment to the property. This can result in faster home sales.

At The House Thata-MBuilt, we offer property staging and styling services for an increase on your investment. We work with client budgets and offer either partial or full staging services.