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October 12, 2013

Matthew Korn Architecture

Moving right along from yesterday’s modern fix, I’m in a Gambrel loving mood this morning. A Gambrel is a symmetrical two sided roof that has two slopes on each side, one shallow slope and one steep slope. That’s my ‘I am not an architect but appreciate great architectural beauty’ definition.

Hendel Homes

See? Shallow slopes and then steep slopes, on each side of the gambrel.

Isn’t this one a beauty, with it’s crisp white trims and gorgeous shingles?

That blue! And look at the little blip in the front porch roofline. The detail!

Echelon Custom Homes

Woodburn and Company

There were Gambrels galore on the The Hampton Designer Showhouse, that I stalked in the Hamptons last year.

Not bad for the old iPhone!

There’s the lovely lady who let me in for free, as I had ‘come all the way from Australia just to see the Hampton Designer Showhouse’ … and I arrived on a bike …. with helmet hair. I milked it.

… and this is only the rear elevation.

Isn’t the detail just heartstopping?

Seriously good stuff.

They’re everywhere in the Hamptons …. Gambrels.

…. like spotting deer!

I could go on for ever and ever sharing my photos of Hamptons Gambrels.

Do you want more? I have to go to work but I can come back tomorrow morning with some more?

Only iPhone quality photos, but I risked guard dogs and security guards to get them.

Happy Saturday!

A-M xx

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