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Home Office Sophistication, A Touch On The Masculine Side – The House that A-M Built

By December 17, 2019January 23rd, 2024No Comments


I am drawn to sophisticated home office spaces … furnished with bold, detailed pieces, antiques, pieces with elegant lines … and topped off with accents of leather, metallics, textured fabrics, cushions and rugs.

When styling up a desk, start with a decor piece that you love …. something special from your travels, a motivational quote in a frame that inspires you …


Greige Design

 … or a quirky piece from the past, like this old typewriter!

Centre stage!


Minion Gutierrez

To add interest, experiment with different shaped pieces of differing heights.


Restoration Hardware

Old maps and prints always add a touch of worldliness to a study space …


Interiors By Studio M


Charlotte Moss

… and so does a beautiful art collection …


Traditional Home

… and books.

Elegance personified … with the monochromatic bookcase styling, stunning buttoned chair and orchid accent piece.


Traditional Home

Reflective pieces also add a touch of sophistication … here, the mirrored tray, mercury vase, glass decor pieces and glass fronted cabinet add extra glamour to a lush space.


In this more modern space, brass is the hero accent.


Restoration Hardware

I also am drawn to spaces that are creative with desk furniture.

This beautiful console serves it’s purpose beautifully.


Luxe Magazine

The rug in this striking room adds texture … and the patterned curtains soften this rather masculine space.


Source Unknown

Dramatic drapes, ornate rug, velvet, leather, oversized mirror and pops of black.

Total sophistication.


Atlanta Homes

This dark Deco desk is lifted by the smooth cream chair and lampshades.


Atmosphere Interior Design

Smooth everything here! High shine. Pure sophistication!


New England Home

Dark walls, lush carpet, leather, metal, art and a strong nip!

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Gentleman’s club! Love it!

Carla Aston

Stunning symmetry, high ceilings, divine cabinetry

… and the most beautiful desk taking centre stage!


Leo Designs

How beautifully does this print go with the wallpaper?! Such a serene work space.


Source Unknown

So grand!

Real Estate Pics for Cape Cod Residential

Yes, scrolling through these images again, I can definitely say I am drawn to a more traditional masculine office space …. dark walls, dim lighting, rich colours, lush textures.

If you, too, prefer a more masculine aesthetic, when it comes to creating a sophisticated home office space:

1. Think late 19th century gentleman’s club!

2. Go bold with dark colours – walls and furnishings.

3. Think lush, with textures and fabrics … timber, leather, textured rugs and cushions.

4. Add beautiful art to the walls – install it up to the ceiling for extra dramatic effect …

 5. And lamps for mood lighting.

6. Add comfort with gorgeous seating, deep plush sofas or leather chairs.

7. And add a little shine with metallic accents.

Bold, dramatic and luxurious all the way!

A-M xx