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Ever wondered what Jesse Duplantis house looks like (or what became of him)?

Lucky for you, we’ve got photos (from Google Maps) of his New Orleans area mansion in Destrehan, Louisiana.

Jesse Duplantis Home: By the Numbers

This is one big home, people. Complete with a movie theater, two double-car garages, and a whole lot more – Duplantis is living large.

  • Square Feet: 22,039
  • Bedrooms: 25
  • Bathrooms: 12.5
  • Built In: 2008-2009

Here’s the home while under construction:

jesse duplantis home during construction

And here are some photos of the finished property:


Who Is Jesse Duplantis?

If you’re not familiar with him, Jesse Duplantis is a prominent figure in the Christian evangelical world, known for his role as a preacher, televangelist, and author. Born on July 9, 1949, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Duplantis founded Jesse Duplantis Ministries (JDM), through which he has spread his message of prosperity gospel and faith across the globe. His teachings focus on prosperity, faith, and the belief that the Bible encourages living a life of abundance, both spiritually and materially.

His approach to Christianity has sparked debate, particularly his emphasis on prosperity as a sign of faith. Despite the controversy, Duplantis maintains a significant following and has been influential in the Charismatic movement. His ministry’s headquarters are located in Destrehan, Louisiana, where he resides in the mansion shown above and manages his global evangelical operations.

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