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I visited a sweet cottage yesterday, to chat to the owners about staging it for sale in the next couple of weeks. It’s currently under renovation so there were drop sheets everywhere.

Imagine my delight seeing a 40mm rounded profile of a marble counter top peeking out from under a protective sheet in the kitchen. But was it marble? No. It was marble laminate. What an amazing product.


In real life it seriously looks like the real thing to me …

… but it is a fraction of the cost of marble … and hardwearing too.

My Old Country House

Check out ‘My Old Country House’ HERE, to read about her kitchen makeover with ‘Faurble’ ….

Decor Chick

…and also ‘Decor Chick’s’ kitchen makeover HERE, using the marble laminate.

Living The Hyde Life

‘Living The Hyde Life’ also did a beautiful kitchen makeover, using Formica’s Calacatta Marble 180fx laminate, HERE.

Here’s the link to the Australia Laminex website: HERE.

We’re finally getting some rain here in Brisbane. I have the flu and am sipping Lemsip like there is no tomorrow. Is it the flu when even your fingernails hurt? I am staying in bed today with my computer on my lap so I can work and sleep and recover and listen to the rain.

Happy Saturday!

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