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I had every intention of publishing my Monday Nook post earlier this morning, whilst answering emails and generally getting ready for the day, but I spontaneously decided to drive my big lad all the way into school today, so he could skip public transport. I am getting all sentimental about his last 2 terms of school ever and how 13 years of his schooling are going to be over in the blink of an eye. #sob

Anyhow … I’m back here now and back to my beloved Monday Nooks. I am making a concerted effort to nurture my poor neglected blog a bit more.You heard it here first!  A Monday Nook is always a good start!


Style At Home

These are some of my favourite bed nooks … so enticing and cosy, in the cold snap that we are having at present.



I love the light in this one!


Decorative Bedroom


I’m off to arrange an install in a beautiful home in Ashgrove, that I will have on the market in the next week or so!

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