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Cuppett Architecture

I think oversized planter boxes just make an entrance … especially if there is symmetry involved!

Charlie & Co Design

Even appropriately-sized window boxes can make a statement and add that final touch.

Charlie & Co Design

Look at the detail in these … not to mention the glorious trims and shingles.

Southern Living Idea House 2012
Historical Concepts

Heartstopping. One of my all time favourites.

Look at the detail in the door mouldings!

Southern Living
Historical Concepts

For the love of a low porch too!

London Bay Homes

First thing you notice here … stunning contrasting planters.


Copper to match the beautiful roof.

Conte & Conte

Seriously glorious. Nice to be a chook in this garden!

Randy Thueme Designs

A mix of modern and traditional. Perfect.

Look at the detail in the bay window … the mouldings, the copper roof. Sigh.

Great grey too!

JLF and Associates Inc

The final touch with planters.

Would love to see inside this old barn now!

Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design

Simple. Symmetrical. Elegant.

A great way to start the week.

Happy Monday!

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