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It is no secret that I have a penchant for free standing furniture in kitchens.

Today, we’re diving into the wonderful world of kitchen armoires. These aren’t just any ordinary pieces of furniture; they’re like the secret sauce that can totally transform your kitchen from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’! Imagine a piece that’s not just a feast for the eyes but also a powerhouse of storage – that’s what we’re talking about. So, grab a cup of your favorite brew, settle in, and let’s explore how these stylish armoires can make your kitchen the heart of the home, where style meets practicality in the most delightful way.

To start, here are some of my favorite kitchen armoires from around the web:

housebeautiful-com_-4778522 Via House Beautiful



The Magic of Freestanding Furniture in the Kitchen

First off, they’re like the Swiss Army knives of furniture – versatile, stylish, and oh-so-practical. Whether you’re going for that rustic, farmhouse vibe or leaning more towards sleek, modern aesthetics, there’s an armoire out there that’s just waiting to be your kitchen’s new best friend.

Now, why go freestanding, you ask? Well, imagine being able to move your furniture around without a whole renovation project on your hands. That’s the beauty of it! Freestanding pieces give you the freedom to mix, match, and shuffle things around whenever you fancy a change. And let’s not forget the storage – these armoires are storage superheroes, hiding away your pots, pans, and appliances, keeping your kitchen looking neat as a pin.

But it’s not just about functionality. These armoires are lookers too! They add character and charm to your space, making your kitchen feel more like a lived-in, loved part of your home.

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So, whether you’re hiding a fridge, stashing your baking supplies, or just want a stunning focal point, a kitchen armoire is your go-to solution.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Armoire

Alright, let’s talk about choosing an armoire – it’s like finding the right partner for your kitchen’s dance floor. First things first, size matters. You don’t want a piece that’s too big that it swallows up your space, or so tiny that it’s like, ‘Where’s the storage?’ Measure your space and keep those numbers handy when you’re armoire hunting.

Next up, style. This is where you let your kitchen’s personality shine. Are you a fan of the classic, timeless look? Maybe a vintage or French-style armoire will make your heart skip a beat. More into the sleek and modern vibe? Look for clean lines and minimalist designs. Remember, the armoire should complement your kitchen’s overall theme.

Now, let’s talk functionality. Think about what you need it for. Is it to hide away your bulky appliances, store your collection of exotic spices, or just for your dishware? Choose an armoire with the right kind of shelves and drawers that fit your needs.

And lastly, color and finish. This can make or break the look. Go for a color that either harmonizes with your current palette or adds a pop of contrast. Whether it’s a bold statement piece or a subtle complement, the right color can elevate your kitchen’s look big time.

Choosing From Different Armoire Styles

There are a variety of different armoire styles to choose from for your kitchen piece:


Picture this: a classic French armoire, with its intricate carvings and soft, romantic hues. It’s like a love letter to traditional design, perfect for those who adore a kitchen with a touch of vintage charm. Pair it with some rustic accessories, and voilà, you’ve got a kitchen that feels like a cozy café in Provence.

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Modern Chic

Here, it’s all about clean lines, glossy finishes, and a minimalist vibe. Think of a contemporary armoire with a sleek, monochromatic palette – it’s like the James Bond of kitchen furniture, cool and sophisticated. This style is a match made in heaven for urban lofts or any kitchen that celebrates modernity.


These armoires are like a warm hug for your kitchen, bringing in a sense of comfort and homeliness. They often feature natural wood finishes, sometimes with a bit of distressing for that lovely, lived-in look. The beauty of a cottage-style armoire is in its ability to blend simplicity with rustic designs. It’s perfect for those who dream of a kitchen that’s a retreat. Pair it with soft, light fabrics and some fresh flowers, and you’ve got a great looking cottage-style kitchen.

A Recent Kitchen Project

I recently worked on a kitchen redesign where an armoire made the perfect addition.

I leaned heavily on an armoire as a key piece in the kitchen:


p9220018-3781098 screenshot2012-06-13at6-33-27pm-3735856

If you’re thinking about an armoire for your kitchen, give it a shot! The benefits are endless. Until next time…