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Verandah – The House that A-M Built

By January 8, 2020January 19th, 2024No Comments

The Blue Porch

See the blue porch? Grey-ish blue perhaps? I love it. Anything close to blue. Blue is such a serene colour. You know how it is? When you see one blue porch, you start noticing blue porch timbers everywhere? Ceilings included. Maybe it’s because I am currently marketing a home with a beautiful blue porch! So

Balustrade Love

I love the balustrade and brackets on this beautiful porch. Is it because it looks out to the ocean? That does take it to the next level! I think this would look mighty fine on a Queensland-style, timber home, sitting on a corner block in Norman Park! What do you think? Would have to have

Beautiful Batwing Doors

I am now obsessed. You know how it is?! … you then start to see them everywhere. Visiting clients, I find myself asking them , ‘may I take a photo of your Batwing Doors please … and I am not crazy … I promise’. Originally used for verandah privacy and security when people left their

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