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Beaumont Tiles have just released their ‘Wood Essence’ range of floor tiles…… tiles that look like wood. I reckon they look pretty real-ish from here! I’d like to see a close up though. Would your visitors always be looking down?… asking, “what am I walking on”? … expecting to hear the resonance of timber but hearing the click clack of heels on tiles? Would they be cold? … the tiles… not your visitors.


Handy if you want that wooden floor look in the bathroom. 


Images Courtesy Beaumont Tiles

This is not a sponsored post. Just my own curiosity waffle.

They have created variation between the tile faces to give the impression that every tile is unique… just like the grain of a tree. They’d be pretty hassle free to maintain. What do you think? Would you do the wood look tile thing?

Happy Saturday! I’m meeting some friends at a clothing warehouse sale……… in search of a bargain or two. hundred. Should be fun. Then off to soccer.



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