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I love the idea of a mud room … an easy to clean space between the outside and the inside of your home, that provides storage for shoes, coats, hats and school bags. Popular in countries with snow and wet winters, they are becoming more common here in Australia. We need mud rooms just as much as the colder climate people do! … with our outdoor lifestyles, swimming pools, backyard cricket games. Mud is mud!

Here are a few of my favourites. This first image I have had in my files for years. I love the contrast in tone and texture created with the timber and baskets. The dark cabinet hardware finishes it all off so beautifully.

And of course, so does the stunning ladder!

Brunelleschi Construction

Create a mudroom in a spare nook/empty wall space in your home. This mudroom nook is so pleasing to the eye … simple and uncluttered. A trip to Bunnings for some MDF, moldings and white paint and ‘Bob’s your uncle’. You want to build a mudroom? Thrifty Decor Chick has you all sorted, HERE.

Muse Interiors

Install soft glide drawers for easy access to footwear … minimises the scratches associated with baskets on 2 pak (speaking from personal experience!). Don’t you love the compass decal on the floor? Attention to detail.

John Kraemer And Sons

If you plan a glamorous mudroom, don’t tuck it away. Make it a beautiful feature that can be seen by all. Just in from the front entrance of your home perhaps? There’s the dark timber/textured basket theme again! The secret is keeping it tidy and presentable for impromptu admirers!

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M.J. Whelan Construction

Incorporate storage for more than just clothes and shoes. Run the home from your mudroom! Create a space where everything has it’s place … school notes, bills, keys, small change. What you would find in that cupboard if I was in charge of this room?  … beach towels, the tool box, the medicine kit, candles, torches, batteries, car cleaning bits and pieces … a serious utility room. Now there’s an idea for next time! I am so doing the utility cupboard thing in my next mudroom.

It’s raining outside. Of course it is! I have 500 Open Home Invitations to deliver around a house I am listing today. At least it will be cooler on foot. I will head home between the rain and the office. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very bad hair day!

Happy Tuesday!