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I thought it was relevant to post some of my favourite coffered ceilings today as I am going to be stuck in bed, looking at my ‘un-coffered’ ceiling, for the next couple of days. I am heading into surgery to have more nasties removed from my face. #communityserviceannouncement #dontsunbakeinyourteens

At this stage all vanity goes out the window. I just want to be alive to bounce my future grandchildren on my knee. Get ’em out!

This is one of my most favourite rooms. I have had it in my files for years now. I love the high coffered ceiling, with the VJ panel inserts. I love all the textures, with the stone and wood and the rug ….. and the transoms and doors too!

Oh yeah, even on the porch!

Just so perfect, in kitchens…

Do you pay much attention to ceilings? It’s the first thing I look at when I walk into a room. Don’t know why, but I always look up.

Look up! Look up!

See you on the other side.

Happy Wednesday!

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