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Industrial pipe shelving stands out for its special blend of rugged functionality and aesthetic versatility. It mixes the raw appeal of industrial pipes with other various materials.

In my eternal quest for simplifying my life and minimising the ‘things’ I own, I have found that I am drawn to utilitarian spaces and concepts more and more. Contrary to definition, I do find them attractive as well as practical.

They work so well with almost any aesthetic. It’s sympathetic to traditional decor and on the other hand invites the addition of modern and eclectic pieces.

Here are some of my favorite examples.

7 Industrial Pipe Shelves You’ll Love

1. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

This shelving combines industrial pipes with wooden planks, creating a robust and rustic look. It’s a versatile piece that fits well in various decor styles. Pipes and timber and leather and paper and brushed silver… so many textures that blend so beautifully together.

2. Rough and Lush Shelving


A Beautiful Mess. Seriously, this is boy heaven. It’s ideal for a masculine or industrial-themed space, with its sturdy pipe structure and simple wooden shelves. This one doubles as a desk making it perfect for a teenage boy’s room.

3. Black Pipes and Dark Wood Stain


The Brick House

This one features minimal, and dark pipe shelving. It blends perfectly with the rug, accomplishing the dark and sleek look.

4. The Simple, Functional Desk



I love the double-functionality of combining the industrial pipe shelving with a desk. Can it get any more practical than that? Keep in mind if you go the desk route, you’ve got to make sure you go with industrial seating to match the tone.

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5. Display China for Rustic Charm


Elle Decor

Industrial shelves, rustic earthenware, pretty white china, a classical Croix chair and a country table.

It all works.

It creates the perfect contrast between rugged and delicate elements. Beautiful.

6. Industrial Pipe Shelving for Children’s Room


Frolic Fancy Free

Think a child’s room can’t have an industrial feel? Think again.

You can get playful with it and use pipe shelving for a children’s room if done right. Keep the colors light for a more whimsical and unique feel, perfect for a child’s room or playroom.

7. Pantry Pipe Shelving


Farm Fresh Therapy


DIY Showoff


DIY Show Off

Here are three examples of pantry pipe shelving. Again – can it get any more practical? This is a stylish way to bring the industrial feel all the way into the pantry and kitchen closets. Functional and practical.

What do you think? Steampunk chic? … or not?

How to Nail the Industrial Pipe Shelf

Starting your own industrial pipe shelving project is a cool way to add a personal touch to your space. First, think about where it’ll go and how big it should be. Mix and match materials – like sturdy pipes (maybe go for a funky finish like copper or classic black) and wooden shelves (reclaimed wood is great for extra character). When putting it together, make sure everything’s solid and level.

Once it’s up, have fun decorating it with your favorite things or using it to keep stuff organized. It’s all about making a shelf that’s not just useful, but also totally you.