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So you’ve got this awesome blanket that’s just too good to be tucked away in a closet, huh? Maybe it’s a funky pattern, a sentimental quilt, or a vintage throw you just can’t bear to part with. Whatever it is, you’ve decided it deserves a spot on your wall.

But now you’re wondering, “How do I hang a blanket on a wall?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It might seem a bit tricky, but with the right tools and a dash of patience, you’ll have that blanket up in no time. Let’s dive into the world of blanket-hanging, shall we?

Why Hang a Blanket on the Wall?

Ever glanced at your vast, bare wall and thought, “How can I spice this up?” Maybe you’ve got this captivating blanket just lying around, doing nothing. Well, that blanket could breathe life into your blank wall space!

Blankets add a unique aesthetic appeal to your room. They’ve got a vibe that no wallpaper or paint can match. A well-chosen blanket can accentuate your room’s color scheme, create focal points, or add warmth. And if it’s an heirloom or has sentimental value, it’ll be an excellent conversation starter!

But it’s not just about looks. Old and drafty house? A thick blanket on your wall could provide some insulation. Yup, a strategically hung blanket could lower your energy bills! You’ll enjoy your cozy room, and Mother Earth will thank you for consuming less energy.

It’s also a brilliant way to hide wall damages. No need for expensive repairs or a new paint job, just cover them up with your favorite blanket. Disguise and style at the same time!

Let’s not forget, hanging a blanket is reversible. Didn’t like the look or need to use the blanket? Just take it down, no damage done. Flexibility is a major plus of hanging a blanket on your wall.

You see, hanging a blanket on the wall is more than a creative decor trick. It’s efficient, versatile, and green. So, why not give it a shot? The next section will guide you through picking the right blanket for your wall. Let’s dive in.

Selecting the Right Blanket for Wall Hanging

Just as you wouldn’t throw up any old picture on your wall, don’t grab just any blanket for hanging. You gotta take a handful of factors into account to make sure you get the right fit. So don’t stress, we’ve narrowed it down to three key areas for you.

Size is your first consideration. It’s essential to measure your wall space first. You want to find a blanket that fills the wall but doesn’t swallow it whole. If your wall is large, go for a bigger blanket that measures somewhere between a queen and king-size. For a smaller space, a twin-size blanket will do wonderfully.

Next up is color and pattern. We’ve all got different tastes, right? So there’s no defining rule here. Still, think about what kind of mood you want to establish. Warm colors, like shades of red and orange, can create a cozy feel. Cool tones – blue and green, for instance – ooze calm and relaxation. If you’re choosing a patterned blanket, consider its complexity. Simpler patterns are more versatile, while more detailed ones become a conversation piece.

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Your last consideration, but by no means least important, is material. This affects not only the blanket’s look but also its weight and how it hangs. Heavier fabrics like wool will hang straighter, presenting a neater look. Lighter materials, however, are easier to hang and can add a sense of movement to your room.

Now you know what you’re looking for: the right size, color, pattern, and material. But don’t rush. Take your time perusing through stores or online sites, keeping in mind these three key factors. Not to say you might not stumble across a blanket perfect for your wall on the first go. As they say, sometimes things just have a way of falling into place!

(also provided you don’t have a cat who likes to climb walls. If you do, reconsider hanging a beautiful blanket that you don’t want shredded into floss)

Alright, now that you’ve got this down let’s move on to the next part: how to actually hang this thing. Aren’t you excited?

Choosing the Perfect Location

So you’ve got your perfect wall hanging blanket. Now, where to hang it? Picking the perfect spot can be just as important as selecting the right blanket. You’ll want to find a space that not only fits the size of the blanket but also displays it in a way that complements the rest of your decor.

First off, consider the wall itself. Is it a large, empty wall that’s crying out for a focal point? Or is it a smaller wall space that needs just a touch of embellishment? Measure the width and height of the wall and keep these dimensions in mind as you go about your placement decision. A larger blanket might need a large wall space to breathe, while a smaller one might look perfect nestled in a cozy corner. And of course, be sure to check that there’s enough wall space above and below the blanket – you don’t want it to feel squished!

Next, think about the room as a whole. Is the blanket going to be a statement piece? Or is it meant to subtly blend with the rest of your decor? If it’s the former, you might want to hang the blanket on a contrasting wall color to help it pop. If it’s the latter, finding a wall with a similar color palette can help the blanket blend in seamlessly. Also, bear in mind the light conditions of the room, as they can greatly affect how your blanket looks. For example, a well-illuminated wall can really bring out the vibrant colors of your blanket.

Some other factors to consider would be the traffic flow of the room or any furniture that might obstruct the view. You wouldn’t want to hang your wonderful new addition behind a tall bookshelf or in an area that’s frequently blocked by people, would you?

Your blanket is more than a piece of fabric; it’s a piece of art. And like all art, it needs the right space to shine. So take your time, try out different spots, and find that perfect location for your new wall hanging blanket.

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Preparing the Blanket for Hanging

So, you’ve decided on where to hang your fabulous wall blanket. Terrific! Now, let’s move on to prepping that magnificent piece of art for display.

The first thing you’ll want to do is iron your blanket. You want it to look its best, don’t you? There’s nothing worse than a creased or wrinkled piece of art. Use a low-heat setting and iron gently, avoiding any delicate or decorative areas. Try not to rush this step. Time taken here is well spent.

Next: checking for any damages or moth holes. You wouldn’t want to hang a piece of damaged art on your wall, right? And don’t worry, small holes or imperfections can be fixed. There are plenty of guides and tutorials out there to help you with textile restorations.

Now to add some weight to your wall hanging. Consider sewing a strip of fabric or a rod pocket along the top backside of your blanket. This is where you’ll thread a rod or dowel, which will provide the needed weight for it to hang straight and flat. Heads up though, you’ll want to use a fabric that’s sturdy and a color that either matches or complements your blanket.

Here are some essential points in a nut-shell:

  • Iron your blanket
  • Check for any damages and repair
  • Add a strip of fabric or a rod pocket

Methods for Hanging a Blanket on the Wall

So, you’ve ironed out the wrinkles, checked over the fabric, and added some weight to keep things straight. Now let’s turn our attention to getting that blanket up on the wall.

First off, there’s the good old tapestry rod and brackets. This method is ideal for larger or heavier blankets. Secure the brackets on the wall, slide your blanket onto the rod, and then rest the rod on the brackets. Piece of cake! But remember you need a rod pocket or section of fabric sewn on the back of the blanket for this.

Next up, we’ve got Velcro. You can attach one side to the blanket and the corresponding side to a wooden board. This board can then be affixed to the wall. Good news! The Velcro method doesn’t involve any sewing and it’s pretty easy to reposition the blanket if needed.

Poster hangers——originally designed for posters——would also work. They’re a two-part system where one part clips over the top of the blanket and the other supports it from below. They’re great because you won’t need any additional fixtures or fittings and there’s no sewing involved.

Last but not least, there’s an old tried and true method: tacks, nails, or command strips. For lighter blankets, it’s okay to simply attach small loops of fabric to the blanket and hang these onto nails or tacks driven directly into the wall.

Choosing the right method largely depends on your blanket’s weight and material and how permanent you want this wall hanging to be. Keep in mind there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Just go with what suits your blanket and your space best!

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Take a gander at the table for a quick overview of the mentioned methods.

Method Pros Cons
Rod and Brackets Provides support for heavier blankets. Requires sewing skills for rod pocket.
Velcro Easy to adjust and reposition. May not hold up heavier blankets.
Poster Hangers No sewing needed. Easy to install. May not provide sufficient support for heavier blankets.
Tacks/Nails/Command Strips Great for lighter blankets. No sewing necessary. Doesn’t provide sufficient support for heavy blankets. May damage the wall.

Alternative Ways to Hang a Blanket

Seeking new approaches to bring your interior design vision to life? Here’s an addendum to the methods we’ve already breezed through. These alternative ways to hang a blanket can add a fresh perspective to your room decor.

Sewing Sleeves: Ever considered sewing a sleeve to the back of your blanket? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. By doing so, you’d be able to insert a rod, dowel, or even a sturdy branch which you can then hang on your wall. There’s no need to be a sewing master for this; a simple straight line will do. Plus, it helps to evenly distribute the weight over the entire width of the blanket, making it ideal even for thicker, heavier blankets.

Clipping It Up: This one’s for those who enjoy quick, easy solutions. You know those curtain clip rings that are usually gathering dust in your toolbox? It’s time to bring them out. Attach these to the top edge of your blanket and slide them onto a rod. Voila! You have an easily interchangeable decor piece.

Using Magnetic Paint: This is perfect for those who want a less permanent option. First, you lay down a layer of magnetic paint where you want to hang the blanket. Although the idea of magnetic paint may sound like some far-fetched invention, it’s actually widely available in home improvement stores like Lowes. Then, you attach small magnets to the corners of your blanket and simply “snap” it onto the wall. Easy to install, easier to remove!

Remember, the best method for hanging a blanket on a wall is highly dependent on the weight and material of your blanket, the wall type, and how permanent you want the display to be.

Put up your blanket your way! Your beautiful wall hanging is not just a decoration; it’s a reflection of you and your style.


So, you’ve got the lowdown on hanging a blanket on your wall. It’s clear there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you’re sewing sleeves, getting crafty with curtain clip rings, or going all-in with magnetic paint, it’s all about what works best for you.

Remember to consider your blanket’s weight and material, your wall type, and how permanent you want this decor choice to be. But most importantly, let your personal style shine through. After all, it’s your space. Make it your own and let that blanket add a touch of cozy charm to your wall. Happy decorating!

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