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Kitchen Herbs – The House that A-M Built

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April 22, 2014


Bright Green

Isn’t this a lovely way to bring a fresh herb garden into a kitchen?  … a rustic, earthy contrast to the formality of the kitchen. Great for small living spaces. Speaking of small living, I planted a fresh herb garden in my Masters pots on the weekend (the big pots from my last courtyard makeover). Set it up on my front balcony. It’s so nice to have fresh herbs at hand again. I can smell the rosemary from the kitchen!. I’ll take some more photos and share them here.

Happy Tuesday! Back to school … and work! It’s 5.30am and I am just about to jump into the lunch production line. Then, when it’s light, I’m off for a walk.

Have a great day.

A-M xx

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