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My Favourite Bathroom Design Idea – The House that A-M Built

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January 29, 2014

Keller and Keller Photography

Built in cabinetry! The real stuff … beautiful, big, glass-doored, ceiling-height cabinets ….. where you can display pretty perfume bottles, delicate linens and plush, fluffy white towels. This one above works so beautifully as there is a contrast in the shapes and textures of the pretties displayed …. rounded glass, nature fibre baskets, knobbly bath towels, smooth soaps, clear jars of bathroom necessities.

It also works because it is tidy. There lies the challenge! 

This design concept is on my bucket of list of house ideas. Bathroom cabinetry? Definitely.

Happy Wednesday! My boys had a great first day back at school. Eldest got to sleep in, as he didn’t start until 11am due to the new Academy recruits starting first … and my youngest is joyous that, finally, after 6 years at school, he has a male teacher! Never saw one in his 5 years at an all-boys school. He was high-fiving and whooping it up with his friends yesterday, with a grin as wide can be. He said his day was so much fun and that his teacher is a ‘dude’. Life is so good when you are eleven!

A-M xx

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