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My Favourite House Elevation – The House that A-M Built

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January 28, 2014


Original source unknown. Help please!

It has to be this one … as this one is my phone screen saver! Screen saver = not my beautiful boys, but this house #motheroftheyear

This is the one  …. as I have plans for this one. You will see this elevation pop up in some form or another, constructed by me, as part of my bucket list, down the track.

Further to the right, in my mind, is an L shaped verandah. It is so much more than this picture, my dream.

I love the staggered gables, I love the eave returns. I love the porch and the ‘transom-ed’ front door. You will see more of the final elevation scheming in more of ‘My Favourite’ posts later this week, when I blog my favourite gable and my favourite eave return!

So in essence, watch this space for a combination of my favourites that will eventually morph into a house, sort of looking like this … when I have the time!

Happy Tuesday! First day back at school. First year I have not had to buy new school shoes! Good boys. Thank you for not growing too much.

Eldest is starting the two year IB this year at the Academy. He was impressed to find out that there were only two IB 45’s (highest score) in the world last year, one in Dubai and one from his school, here in Queensland. It’s an amazing school. What a find! (thank you Renee’s Dad …. ‘sliding doors’ story for another time!). He has been swatting up on his Chemistry and Maths over the last week of the holidays. As you do. If only I had his work ethic, I’d been doing open heart surgery these days.

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A-M xx